Meet Sara Groff

Meet Sara Groff

sara groff justice of the peace
sara groff justice of the peace



Hello, I am Sara Groff, and I am running to be your next Williamson County Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2.


I’m a Mom, Organizer, Community Leader, and Lifelong Democrat.  Together, we can change lives and ensure justice is accessible to everyone, regardless of their race, income, or zip code.


As your next Justice of the Peace, I will:


As a 5th-generation Texan, I was raised in a family that valued community and community involvement.


From a very early age, I learned that change only happens when regular people come together and work towards a better tomorrow. 


I learned that progress
is up to us.

20+ years ago my husband and I moved to Cedar Park to raise our children in a community where neighbors knew and truly cared about one another.


WilCo gave us the opportunity to explore nature, participate in community events, and have access to great libraries and public spaces. 

In the past 2 decades, I’ve seen WilCo grow and change in ways I never would have imagined.


Now more than ever, it is an exciting time to be a WilCo Resident! 

But with growth and change comes a renewed sense of responsibility.

Our courts should meet people where they’re at and work to improve their lives whenever possible.


They should be accessible to everyone and the law should be applied in a non-biased manner.


It’s time for a change in Williamson County.